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Jamie Lidell Runs Up The Meter On His Black Cab Session

Jamie Lidell took a ride in a Black Cab recently and the results are something to behold. With little more than a small amp and a microphone, Lidell blends his own beat with a voice … read more »


Jamie Lidell Sounds More Like Chris Cornell Everyday

When he wants to anyway. In this featurette, you’re invited on a journey into the creative bender as well as Beck and Feist-bolstered studio experience that was the creation of Lidell‘s new full-length, Compass. Wait … read more »

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Beck Sings Other People's Songs

With some other people who didn’t write the songs. read more »

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Canadian Producer Gonzales Has Nothing On Chronic Masturbator

A short 27 hours, three minutes, and 44 seconds put Canadian producer and musician Gonzales as the new record holder of the longest solo concert in the Guinness Book of World Records over the weekend. read more »

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Video: Jamie Lidell, “Another Day”

For some reason we still get way too excited when two artists we’ve covered collaborate to do something cool. At this point, we’ve covered so many artists that collaborations will start popping off daily anytime … read more »

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Q+A: Jamie Lidell

Last week at Marvimon in Los Angeles, for a party celebrating the launch of the new MINI Clubman, England’s Jamie Lidell kicked out several brand new jams from his forthcoming album (for the first time … read more »

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