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Ariel Pink and Nick Zinner Update The Rolling Stones Rock & Roll Circus for Our Time

At the end of 1968, The Rolling Stones decided, in what was presumably a drug-free environment, to gather some of the greatest rock musicians of the time under a pseudo big top to film what … read more »

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Pygmy Shrews – "Shame Canal"

Combining the drummer of Drunkdriver (Jeremy Villalobos) and the avant noise guitar work of Zs (Ben Greenberg) with the bass and vocals of Tia Vincent leaves you with the newest insurgent into the revivalist Brooklyn hardcore scene; Pygmy Shrews. read more »

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Out Of Touch: A True Story Of How MTV Treated One Independent Band

The following is a true story about the trials and tribulations of one hardworking independent band whose efforts to land their low budget video on MTV resulted in the loss of more than just not seeing it aired. read more »

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NYC: Skip School/Work/Life

Time to put on your yellow pants like that dude (or maybe you are that dude) and take the one train uptown to Barnard and sit on the grass for (what have decided is) Inaugural … read more »

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