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Warpaint, “Undertow” (Javelin Remix)

On days we’ve spent listening to Warpaint‘s “Undertow” three billion times, sometimes the melodrama of the track kills us, doesn’t exactly makes us sad but feels super heavy. This Javelin remix lightens the load a … read more »

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Jams of the Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival Megapost

In 2010, “electronic music” means many things, and for proof, look at the diversity of artists The Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival. It is this Saturday (see the flyer above for your basic information and lineup) … read more »

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Premiere: Javelin, “Intervales Theme (Steinski RMX)” MP3

The original “Intervales Theme” was already ripe for a hip-hop remix—what producer in their right mind wouldn’t want to futz around with the swing and funk of that guitar line? They were waxing poetic up … read more »

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Javelin Is Having an Album Release Party So They Made a Cool Video

Pretty much that: terrific Brooklyn band Javelin are dropping No Mas next week, so they’re throwing what looks to be an amazing party, if the above video is any indication. Even if it is not … read more »


Javelin, World MIDI Classics Volume 2

This is all hypothetical, but we imagine the dudes of Javelin don’t ever leave their apartment, instead just listen to records without ever putting them back in their sleeves, recording 20 second snippets and then … read more »

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