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Knighted: Jeremy Jay's "Splash"

In a FADER story quite some time ago, the word “lordly” was used to describe Jeremy Jay. The then prince of Los Angeles was just beginning his K Records chapter, things were taking off. But … read more »

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Jeremy Jay, “Splash” MP3

According to his press bio, Jeremy Jay is currently living in London, which is not very close to California. We also remember something about him being a hobo and hopping trains or something (did that … read more »

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Freeload: A Bunch of Songs From Urban Outfitters

Fans of good music and haters of vowels, come together and partake in Urban Outfitters latest URBN LSTN thing, in which they give away a crapload of free songs from a bunch of artists, some … read more »

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Slow Dance

Jeremy Jay‘s sophomore album, Slow Dance, is an eerily entertaining listen to describe. Overall pretty entertaining in its strangeness, though the most interesting quality might be derived from trying to apply classification. Is there such a thing as minimalist-disco-glam? Or should we just call it Jeremy Jay? read more »

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Video: Jeremy Jay, “Lite Beam”

Have we ever talked about Jeremy Jay‘s crêpe game? He’s got one, and it involves strawberry preserves. Just something to keep in your conversation pocket for when you run into him. This is his new … read more »

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Exclusive Freeload: Jeremy Jay, “Where Could We Go Tonight?”

Jeremy Jay manages to capture teen melancholy without sounding like he’s in the middle of puberty. The best example of this is on Jay’s new album Slow Dance is “Where Could We Go Tonight,” the … read more »

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Video: Jeremy Jay, “Heavenly Creatures”

Jeremy Jay has been a staple of FADER listening sessions for almost a year now, and “Heavenly Creatures” was definitely one of the songs that put him there. It tends to get heaviest play during … read more »

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FADER TV: Jeremy Jay At The FADER/Fred Perry Party

Whoa dudes tripppppyyyyy! Jeremy Jay is squirming around like a tall tree wind, throw a couple in-camera video effects and you’ve got yourself a regular old 1994 type of time. Which, if you didn’t know, … read more »

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FADER/Fred Perry: These New Puritans + Jeremy Jay Sweat It Out In LA

First, the obvious: Friday night’s The FADER/Fred Perry Subculture party at The Echo in Los Angeles was hot. Equatorial hot. Science experiment gone wrong hot. Luckily the complimentary Bass Ale keep things as cool as … read more »

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FADER/Fred Perry: These New Puritans + Jeremy Jay In LA

All you West Coasters that were jealous of the FADER/Fred Perry party with These New Puritans and Shy Child we threw here in New York a couple weeks ago stand up! Tomorrow night at The … read more »

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