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Dedication: Mariah, the NBA Elf

She is the GOAT and we might have to cut anyone who begs to differ. And she’s bringing us a holiday treat! On Christmas Day, an exclusive basketball-and-Christmas themed video she made for ESPN will … read more »

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The American Dream Team, “My Boo” MP3

As one of our editors (cough) has the original Ghost Town DJs version of “My Boo” as her ringtone, and has written into her will that So So Def Bass All-Stars (the first two volumes) … read more »

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Mariah Carey Doubles Up With Timbaland and Jermaine Dupri

Mimi wrapping up her Memoirs. read more »

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Jagged Edge To Jermaine Dupree: "Kiss Our Jagged Ass"

Jagged Edge is tired of playing hide and go seek. read more »

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Johnta Austin "Take It Back"

JD has taken to his blog to release single after single off from his fellow Ocean 7 member Johnta Austin. No word if all singles are to be on his long-awaited album Ocean Drive, but … read more »

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Freeload: DJ Class f. Lil Jon “I’m the Shit (Remix)”

As Crossfaded Bacon points out, this song is the first time Lil Jon has ever actually appeared on a Bmore club track like, not as a sample. Like, this is Lil Jon with his pimp … read more »

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