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Godflesh Album Cover

Hear Godflesh’s Battering Comeback Track “Ringer”

Justin Broadrick (of Jesu, JK Flesh, Final, Pale Sketcher) tends to stay pretty busy, so it makes sense that the 2010 live reunion of his industrial-metal project Godflesh has finally resulted in the release of … read more »

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Pale Sketcher Seventh Heaven EP

Premiere Stream: Pale Sketcher, “Wash It All Away (King Midas Sound Remix)” and “Seventh Heaven” MP3

Jesu’s Justin Broadrick has steadily been shifting huge swaths of sound into pop territory over the years, and we feel ridiculous for ever being surprised by that. Now, as Pale Sketcher, he’s made the final … read more »

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Winter Hours

While Winter Hours is staunchly abrasive, if you listen closely, there are definite filigrees of melody throughout. Little sonic oases like “The Great Silence” offer small periods of respite with clean guitar and more atmospheric tones, but this is not a record for the faint of heart. Winter Hours is definitely not going to be the soundtrack for your next holiday gathering. read more »

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