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Video: Jim Jones, “Going in for the Kill”

As Jim Jones ad-libs over a La Roux intro, the first 30 video seconds overlay applying makeup and pilot-goggled car driving. Tension is building and Jim says “Go!” to introduce the beat, then any semblance … read more »

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Cam’ron and Vado, “And You Don’t Stop” MP3

Yesterday Cam’ron told Miss Info that he’s going to one-better Kanye (and Timbo and Snoop and Swizz and your neighbor’s brother with the wild twitter) and leak new songs not once but twice weekly, on … read more »

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Daily Inspiration: Dipset in London

The real question that comes up from this classic video of Jim Jones, Juelz Santana and Cam’ron wasted in the back of Tim Westwood’s Range Rover, driving around London, is shouldn’t it be dangerous to … read more »

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Video + MP3: Jim Jones f. Rell, “Blow Your Smoke”

There are several notable things about this video: 1. This song is good. 2. Hell Rell is not any less hellish, this is some smooth R&B dude. Hell Rell should start a group with Rell … read more »

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Jim Jones f. Juelz Santana, “Perfect Day” MP3 (aka Sweet Dipsteen Anthem)

The Dipset reunion concert on Black Friday proved that there is no squabble that can’t be settled with a little diplomacy. The dudes looked genuinely happy to be back together and will now hopefully create … read more »

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Jim Jones f. Cam’ron and JR Writer, “Go Cinderella (Remix)” MP3

Guess what happens this week? Thanksgiving, yeah, but also: DIPSET REUNION CONCERT. Anyone that can rouse their tryptophan addled bodies and scrounge together a measly $63.50-$73.50 (for real though dogs, that is a little much) … read more »

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Rehearsal With Jim Jones and the Dipset Crew

When we arrived at the Hell’s Kitchen rehearsal studio of Jim Jones, we assumed we’d catch him in the arduous process of recording his new album, Capo. After all, it’s due out in January. But … read more »

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Jim Jones at the Band of Ballers Tournament

Just before Jim Jones brought home the championship trophy at the Converse Band of Ballers tournament in Atlanta, we got to spend some quality time with him in the locker room. He talked a mean … read more »

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Jim Jones f. Cam’ron, Vado & Yo Gotti, “Gretzky (RMX)” MP3

Of course Jim Jones‘ quasi-”BMF” is a play on Wayne Gretzky’s street acumen: fuck a duffle bag/need a hockey bag. Ha. Producer Lex Luger needs to stretch out or something, but it’s an atypical flip … read more »

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Video: Freekey Zekey f. Jim Jones, “Gotta Body”

Don’t even pretend you didn’t miss seeing Freaky Zekey drop his mind puzzling lyrics on camera (featuring Cam‘s “whatever” face in the background). This video plays like a compilation of the best of all the … read more »

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