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Watch an Undercover Drake Ask Strangers about Himself on Jimmy Kimmel

Last night, Drake stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live to promote his upcoming gig as host for the ESPY Awards. In a pre-taped video segment, an incognito Drake, done up in a wig, glasses and beard, … read more »

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Watch Kanye West on Jimmy Kimmel

Kanye West appeared on Wednesday night’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, greeting Kimmel with an awkward half-hug. Kimmel attempted a few niceties before getting into the heart of the matter, asking, “Is that, uh, a … read more »

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Kanye West Freaks Out at Jimmy Kimmel for Interview Parody

Kanye West did not find Jimmy Kimmel’s kiddie reenactment spoof of West’s “HONEST,” hour-long interview with the BBC’s Zane Lowe very funny. On Thursday night, Kanye lashed out at Kimmel on Twitter, calling him “OUT … read more »

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Watch Future and Kelly Rowland on Jimmy Kimmel

Future and Kelly Rowland appeared on last night’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, performing their duet version of “Neva End” from Pluto 3D, the deluxe edition of Future’s album that was released yesterday. Future also … read more »

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Vampire Weekend Debuts New Song, “Unbelievers”

Vampire Weekend appeared on last night’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live (the show is taping in Brooklyn and not Hollywood this week), performing a new song called “Unbelievers” in Dia de los Muertos face paint. … read more »

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Rick Ross Takes Over Late Night

Last night, Rick Ross performed “So Sophisticated” with Meek Mill and “Touch N You”—sadly, without Usher—on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Then, over on for-pay cable, he sat down with the vodka-swilling, rapper-loving Chelsea Handler on Chelsea … read more »

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Watch Nas on Jimmy Kimmel

Nas’ new album Life is Good dropped yesterday. To celebrate, he appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live, performing “The Don” for an enormous crowd outside in Los Angeles.

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Waka Flocka Talks Fireworks Safety

Watch a giggly Waka Flocka talk about how to properly execute a Roman candle fight above, in a segment from Jimmy Kimmel Live. Triple F Life is in stores now.

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Watch Waka Flocka on Jimmy Kimmel

Waka Flocka appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night in Los Angeles, performing two songs from his new album Triple F Life, “Rooster In My Rari” and “I Don’t Really Care.” High-fiving audience members on … read more »

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Jimmy Kimmel is DONDA’s First Ad Executive

Last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Kimmel aggregated a sampling of the 86 tweets from Kanye West’s Twitter rant to create a commercial for his creative think tank, DONDA. We encourage everyone to apply to … read more »

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