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Video: jj, “My Name”

The Swedish director Mattias Erik Johansson, whose work with Faye and Azure Blue we’ve featured before, made a video for jj’s “My Name,” a short sliver of a track off the duo’s free High Summer … read more »

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young eagle

Stream: Drake, “Best I Ever Had (Young Eagle Remix)”

Swedish producer Young Eagle has earned his place in the upper echelon of unexpected and amazing Drake remixes—a club whose most recent entry was Unicorn Kid’s jubilant take on “I’m on One.” Young Eagle’s version … read more »

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Download jj’s High Summer EP

Out of the blue, and timed perfectly to soundtrack Sweden’s Midsummer’s Eve, the country’s precious duo jj have released a 15-minute surprise godsend, the free EP High Summer. The title track opens with an angelic … read more »

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jj, “Beautiful Life” MP3

Dear, dear Swedish duo jj are back with “Beautiful Life,” an expectedly ebullient song that appears, judging by the MP3′s album tag, to be the first single from n° 4, a new LP. I’m so … read more »

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Watch jj’s Documentary Series on Swedish National TV

Sveriges Television, the Swedish public broadcasting system where apparently you can say the F-word, has a music arm called PSL, which is airing short documentaries about jj for the next ten days. The first episode … read more »

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HTC X Squared #5: Don Trip, “Cheers (jj’s Save Our Souls Remix)” MP3

For our X Squared series, we’ll be unveiling ten remixes of ten great rappers by ten great producers, sponsored by HTC who are powering The FADER’s mobile app through the end of the year. The … read more »

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Download jj’s Kills Mixtape (Chopped and Screwed by Joel Rampage)

Kills came out a year ago on Christmas Eve. I remember downloading it in the middle of the night at my grandparent’s house. I learned all the words on the flight home, nearly collapsing in … read more »

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Read jj’s Excerpt From The World’s First Perfect Zine + Go to the Release Party Tonight

David Shapiro (it’s a pseudonym, he says), owner and writer of one of the world’s first perfect Tumblrs, Pitchfork Review Reviews, has decided to take his digital talk analog, releasing The World’s First Perfect Zine. … read more »

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jj, “You Don’t Know How Much It Would Hurt Me if You Said You Were In Love With Me” MP3

Despite the spare vocals and barely there accompaniment of “You Don’t Know How Much It Would Hurt Me if You Said You Were In Love With Me,” jj is getting pretty real when it comes … read more »

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This Week in The FADER: August 7, 2011 Edition

***Chris Brown embraces his bad boy image, with his with his not-too-bad Boy in Detention mixtape ***After a two-year-too-long hiatus, Air France finally released a new track. ***Right on the heels of a new Best … read more »

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