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Stream: Joakim f. Luke Jenner, “Bring Your Love”

Joakim’s got more than just Neil Young covers in the works, the genre-bending French producer is also preparing to release his Tropics of Love LP on May 26 via his own Tigersushi imprint/Because Music. Today … read more »

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Stream: Joakim, “On The Beach (Neil Young Cover)” (CFCF Remix)

FADER PREMIERE There’s a lot of layers to this one: ever-evolving French producer Joakim covered the title track off Neil Young’s druggy classic On The Beach, re-imaging it with vocoded singing and a warped, analog … read more »

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Joakim Remix Cover

Stream: William Onyeabor, “Good Name (Joakim Remix)”

FADER PREMIERE The basic rundown on William Onyeabor is that he is a Nigerian musician who made a lot of funky records before becoming a born again Christian and basically disappearing. Luaka Bop has unearthed … read more »

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Video: Dye, “Fantasy” (NSFW)

I’m torn between describing “Fantasy” precisely, which would involve using so many fun words, and presenting it ambiguously, preserving the surprise of one of the year’s wildest videos. The payoff hits magically, so here’s strictly … read more »

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FADER/MoMA PS1 Warm Up Mix: Joakim

Every Saturday every summer, MoMA PS1 presents Warm Up, a event series taking place in their enormous courtyard. The museum—MoMA’s longstanding sister site in Long Island City, Queens—is a lightning rod for new and exciting … read more »

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The Let Out: Forever Young

Youth isn’t wasted on the youngins, especially when you’re listening to the best radio show in the whole entire universe, hosted by FADER’s resident latch-key wunderkinds, Naomi and Duncan. They’ll crank some Soulja Boy. Stop … read more »

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Video: Joakim, “Forever Young”

If Terrence Malick were a French disco-pop producer, The Tree of Life might’ve looked something like this. We’ve got scenes of bubbling magma, children doing terranean things like having a picnic, underwater. Ahhh, this big … read more »

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Metronomy, “Not Made For Love” (Joakim Remix) MP3

The synths on this song sound like digital farts. It’s unavoidable, so let’s get that out of the way. Okay, so now let’s talk about how this makes you do that dance where you are … read more »

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Joakim, “Love & Romance & A Special Person” MP3

Parisian producer Joakim has a new track, “Love & Romance & A Special Person,” that some might say is electro, others might say lovelorn hominoids, twiddly Meat Puppets guitar and silver vocals over a calisthenic … read more »

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Freeload: Simian Mobile Disco, “Hustler (Joakim Remix)”

Fans (like us) of Simian Mobile Disco‘s Attack Decay Sustain Release from last year will have two opportunities to extend the love affair in the coming weeks because the dudes not only have an excellent … read more »

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