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Stream: Joanna Newsom, “Kingfisher”

The nice thing about Joanna Newsom is that her albums feel like events, not just some shit that we’re totally going to check out streaming on MySpace this weekend. When the last song got leaked, … read more »

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Stream: Joanna Newsom, “Good Intentions Paving Company”

This is like a duet between the star of Ratatouille, George Gershwin, Leo Kottke (not singing) and Patti LaBelle. Yeah, we know a duet is two people. Joanna Newsom is a shapeshifter. This is fucking … read more »

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How Many Animals Can You Find In Joanna Newsom's Zany New Cover Art?

We came this close to photoshopping in a few extra…. but there are actually more than you’d think. Get creative. As you search, listen to new jam “’81″ right here. Have One On Me will … read more »

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Cloaking Up With TenOverSix

With the recent insurgence of the blanket coat, seen everywhere from the Chloé runway to Joanna Newsom’s back, the line between bed linens and outerwear has become increasingly more hazy. LA boutique TenOverSix has joined … read more »

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Stream: Joanna Newsom, “81″

Is anyone really that surprised that Joanna Newsom is releasing a triple album? Sure, it’ll probably elicit groans from haters, but the rest of us are stoked to jam three plus hours of harp music … read more »

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Joanna Newsom Models for Armani, Also Records New Album

And NOT their elven line either…. read more »

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Be Friends: Joanna Newsom and Mister Mort

When you’re friends with two people who don’t know each other sometimes you just assume they have met but didn’t quite make the connection, like all it will take is a bro connect sponsored by … read more »

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Lover Have a New Harvest

This is the second Stylee Fridays dedicated to an Antipodean label in the space of the month, and it’s really no coincidence, since between Scandinavia, New Zealand and Australia we could probably create an entire … read more »

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Video: The Family Jams Trailer

The early 2000s were a really good time for music if you were a dude with a beard or a woman who sounded like an old lady. Devendra Banhart and Joanna Newsom found their voices, … read more »

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Live: Joanna Newsom @ BAM w/ Brooklyn Philharmonic

Seeking refuge from the driving rains outside, a sold-out audience crammed into the baroque Brooklyn Academy Of Music this past Friday night to witness darling Joanna Newsom jam alongside the Brooklyn Philharmonic. OK, it was … read more »

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