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Interview: Yoko Ono on Assless Pants and the Color Pink

A couples night ago, artist and queen of our hearts Yoko Ono unveiled a full line of menswear in collaboration with Opening Ceremony that brought to life decades-old fashion sketches she had first dreamt up … read more »

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Somebody Eat John Lennon's Dog as Soon as Possible

According to The Sun, construction workers digging up the garden at John Lennon’s former home in Weymouth, Kenwood (no idea where that is), found the long lost goodie bag the Beatle buried before the band’s … read more »

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Haiku Review: We Are Plastic Ono Band @ BAM

Photography by Kevin Mazur/Wire Image Mothers and fathers and daughters and sons as one a living haiku

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Gainsbourg Biopic Out Soon; Sam Taylor-Wood’s Lennon

Nowhere Boy, Sam Taylor-Wood’s filmic love letter to John Lennon’s youth, has just gone nationwide in the UK. Taylor-Wood is a Turner-prize winning Brit art star (she has a video portrait of David Beckham sleeping … read more »

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John Lennon NYC Exhibit To Include Bloody Clothes He Wore On Night He Was Killed

The new John Lennon exhibition “The New York Years,” which opened yesterday at The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Annex in NYC, just got a bit more somber. One of the new features for the exhibit, which runs through the end of the year, will be the clothes Lennon was wearing the night he was murdered — blood and all. read more »


Lennon's NYC Years Go On Display At Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Annex, Yoko Mails Acorns

Forty years after they planted acorns for peace in 1969, Yoko Ono is keeping she and John Lennon’s weird (though well-intentioned) work alive by mailing acorns to more than 100 world leaders. Meanwhile, back here on earth, an exhibition based on Lennon’s years in New York City will open next month at the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame Annex. read more »

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Release Date Announced For Rock Band: The Beatles, Countdowns Can Officially Commence

Fab Four fans, brace yourselves. Soon you will be able pretend to be John, Paul, George or Ringo not only from the safety of your own home, but with shocking graphics-induced realism, courtesy of the upcoming Rock Band: The Beatles game. The video game officially received a due date today, the unavoidably cute 09-09-09. read more »

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Is This Really An Unreleased Version Of The Beatles Playing "Revolution 1"?

“Take your knickers off and let’s go” Beatles fans, because an unreleased version of “Revolution 1” has apparently worked its way onto YouTube for all to hear; and it’s quite the ear full at that. The version is “Take 20″ of the legendary Beatles’ song, which is found on the acclaimed and influential self-titled album (better known as The White Album). read more »

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Lennon Brothers To Perform Together For First Time Next Month

As famous feuds go, it doesn’t get much bigger than Lennon vs. Lennon. Or, perhaps more accurately, Julian vs. Yoko. There’s been animosity between the three since John Lennon’s murder in 1980, but it looks like the bridges are about to be rebuilt — Sean and Julian will perform together in public next month in New York. read more »

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