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In eighth grade my English teacher assigned the class a research paper on a modern artist. He suggested subjects for us, and said I might like to write about German painter Max Ernst. His reasoning … read more »

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Download John Talabot’s Fact Mix

John Talabot, the Spanish genius with no face, has a new Fact mix that acts as a nice companion to his great album, ƒin, which is out today. The mix is a definite winding road … read more »

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Stream: John Talabot f. Pional, “Destiny”

John Talabot and Pional take a deep, full-bodied turn towards dancey on “Destiny,” the second track off Talabot’s (copyeditor’s-formatting-nightmare of a) debut fin. It’s a bit of a dazzler—all lyrical pessimism softened with full-blown, idealistic … read more »

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Stream: John Talabot f. Pional, “So Will Be Now…”

John Talabot and Pional channel Arthur Russell super hard here, doing soft, hypnotic vocals over a steady pulse. It’s beautiful, but not at all repetitive, and showcases Talabot’s considerable skill at constructing songs with strong … read more »

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Stream: John Talabot, “I Want Tonite”

Barcelona’s John Talabot isn’t often so overtly pop, and he certainly doesn’t usually do his own singing. Though his voice is vocoded, tuned and pitched here, letting him test the microphone waters without fully stripping … read more »

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Stream: Baio’s (Vampire Weekend) Field Day & Underage Mix

Vampire Weekend bassist Chris Baio is setting out this summer for a few festival DJ gigs, with August sets at Australia’s tenth Field Day and London’s Underage, and he’s released a great, disco-centric promo mix … read more »

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The Let Out: John Talabot

In addition to your regular editors who make FADER’s The Let Out on East Village Radio the greatest show in the history of the format, this week we have special guest DJ John Talabot. He … read more »

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Stream: John Talabot f. Glasser, “Families”

“Families” is the title track off John Talabot’s forthcoming EP (out May 9th on Young Turks). And judging by the album art, we’re guessing he’s talking about family in the taxonomic sense. Like, John Talabot … read more »

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The XX, “Shelter (John Talabot Remix)” MP3

Do you think The XX listen to all the remixes of their music and go, “Oh shit if only we had been born in a country that really liked soca maybe those breakup songs would … read more »

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