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Video: Glass Candy, “The Possessed”

Edited in inimitable lo-fi by Alberto Rossini, like most Italians Do It Better visuals, Glass Candy’s video for “The Possessed” works something like a label retrospective, showcasing photographs, flyers and footage of Ida No and … read more »

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Johnny Jewel, Black & White: A Mix For Autumn MP3

After quickly running through his recent tour adventures, Johnny Jewel wrote this: “After looping the globe twice…We’re finally back in Montreal for one of my favorite times of year. It’s the end of Autumn, & … read more »

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Download Chromatics’ Running From The Sun Mixtape


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Video: Desire, “Tears From Heaven”

Here’s a new Alberto Rossini-directed video for Desire’s “Tears From Heaven,” another track off the Italians Do It Better After Dark II compilation, which was released a couple weeks ago. Nearly five years in the … read more »

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Download a Remastered Version of Italians Do It Better’s After Dark Compilation

It went relatively unnoticed, but earlier this week over at the Italians Do It Better website, Glass Candy/Chromatics producer Johnny Jewel posted a remastered version of his label’s seminal first compilation After Dark for free. … read more »

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Download That Chromatics Album, Minus The Drums

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