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Video: Julia Holter, “Our Sorrows”

The video for “Our Sorrows” finds Julia Holter at a porcelain basin for daily ablutions (because really, we’d rather not imagine her as a mortal being doing things at a regular sink with running water) … read more »

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GEN F: Julia Holter

Listening to Julia Holter discuss music school, you sense mild survivor’s trauma. “A typical piece I would hear there would be, like, ‘I’m writing a string quartet, and there’s a salsa rhythm in the middle, … read more »

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The FADER #79 Podcast

Philip Glass is an icon of the avant-garde, which more or less means the star of FADER #79 is a weirdo of mythic proportions. In that spirit, and in his honor, we’ve crafted one of … read more »

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World Premiere! The FADER #79 Featuring Philip Glass

The most famous, absurd anecdote about Philip Glass, the subject of our annual Icon Issue this year, is that around the time Einstein on the Beach was performed at the Metropolitan Opera in 1976, he … read more »

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Recently, I watched Xavier Beauvois’ very good movie, Of Gods and Men. It’s a narrative film based on a true story about nine Trappist monks living in Tibhirine, Algeria during the mid-’90s, when radical Islamists … read more »

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Video: Julia Holter & Jib Kidder, “My Baby”

Here’s a nice little cowboy lullaby from Julia Holter, which sounds a bit like the dream you might have if you fell asleep listening to Townes Van Zandt and Nico on continuous shuffle. In reality … read more »

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Video: Julia Holter, “Moni Mon Amie”

Julia Holter’s video for “Moni Mon Amie,” directed by Yelena Zhelezov, plays like a soft focus office romance fantasy with both characters portrayed by Holter. Helpfully, her label RVNG pre-interprets the video in the YouTube … read more »

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Video: Julia Holter, “Moni Mon Amie”

Yourstru.ly and Julia Holter teamed up for an achingly sweet, appropriately chanteuse-y live video for “Moni Mon Amie” a tender ballad off her new album Ekstasis; a record whose instrumentation is so intricately built, it’s … read more »

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Live: Julia Holter at Other Music

Julia Holter’s Ekstasis is one of those other-worldly yet self-contained albums that works equally well as ambient background music as it does in a solitary, concerted headphones listen. It’s a quiet battle cry for the … read more »

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By The Numbers: Julia Holter’s Ekstasis

In By The Numbers, FADER looks at a big record release and breaks it down in basic digits and primary colors. This week, we look at Julia Holter’s Ekstasis, a gorgeous, complex and nuanced record … read more »

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