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TV On The Radio To Finally Release Remix EP Tomorrow

TV on the Radio was greeted with a host of critical acclaim upon the release of last year’s Dear Science, and even though the record was marked as the band’s fourth release, it placed the Brooklynites on the road to commercial success. Now, TV on the Radio will be releasing a remix EP of their most successful album, making it the first time the post-rock band will have delved into the world of remixing their material. read more »

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Wow, That Was Fast. You Can Already Hear The Justice Remix Of U2's "Get On Your Boots"

It was only three days ago that news spread about the Justice/U2 remix and now it’s already available to hear. Then again, if Bono commands you to do something, you pretty much do it. He recently wielded this power in getting Justice to remix the first single from No Line On The Horizon, “Get On Your Boots.” read more »

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Justice To Remix U2's "Get On Your Boots"

Just when we were wondering what Justice was going to remix next, we got our answer — and a quite surprising one at that. The French remixing-master duo will be pairing up with U2 to remix the No Line On The Horizon single, “Get On Your Boots”. read more »

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TAKE JUSTICE (and maybe a weiner) INTO YOUR OWN HANDS!

Easy, vigilante tough guy, we’re only talking about artist Ron Winter‘s crackily-addictive new flash keyboard that appears to have patched into Justice’s GarageBand and George Michael’s loins circa Wham! If someone can tell us how … read more »

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Best Singles Of 2008, #8 – Does It Offend You, Yeah? "We Are Rockstars"

Despite being on a critically panned record, this highly acclaimed single was bumped far and wide by dance and indie kids alike. Along with Crystal Castles, Does It Offend You, Yeah? helped kick off 2008 as a year of raunchy, Justice-inspired, live dance music. read more »

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FADER TV: LA Is A Nice Place To Live #2

On each episode of FADER TV’s LA Is A Nice Place To Live, the West Coast staff takes in some of the city’s culture and fun good times. This edition has us leaving the office … read more »

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Video: Justice “A Cross the Universe” Documentary Trailer

We’ve spent enough time front and center at Justice shows to know that they inspire mayhem pretty much everywhere they go. Now Ed Banger and Because are out to prove it with the new “A … read more »

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Freeload: We’re Confused. Ibiza Is Supposed To Be Corny, Right?

In our minds, dating back as far as we can remember, the word “Ibiza” (especially when it’s pronounced “ee-bee-tha”) has been synonymous with a sort of Valhalla for sunburned English dudes wearing choker necklaces and … read more »

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Video: Shopping With Colette

Listen, we love our jobs, but sometimes it takes a Parisian to make us feel like maybe we spend a little too much time working and not enough time Jazzercizing with Zorro. At the Colette … read more »

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Video: Justice, “Stress”

We were so busy watching the Spinning Studio that we didn’t even notice Kanye posted the new Justice clip, directed by Romain Gavras. For the video, Romain followed the FADER editorial staff on our way … read more »