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Justin Bieber Teams Up with Migos for a New Track, “Looking For You”

It’s become a rite of passage for rappers to work with Justin Bieber while he’s on the year-long irreverent streak he’s been on—Future, Soulja Boy, Sage the Gemini and IamSu and now Migos get a … read more »

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Interview: Soulja Boy Talks Justin Bieber, Nicki Minaj & Carter V

“Man, I feel like everybody’s been reaching out to me.” It’s been a peak 2014 for Soulja Boy Dre. Because of his playful style, ever-shifting slang, and endlessly entertaining social media presence, Soulja’s never not … read more »

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Download Justin Bieber f. Blake Kelly, “Broken”

Friday night, almost-20-year-old JB tweeted “Broken,” the first track he’s dropped since he was arrested in Miami Beach. The song sounds like Bieber’s defiant response to the incident and its subsequent press frenzy: I cannot … read more »

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Introducing The FADER’s 90th Issue: King Krule and Young Thug

The FADER’s 2014 Spring Style Issue happens to be the magazine’s 90th, and so we’re featuring all ’90s babies. Clinton-era kids. People whose first phones had touch screens, be they musicians, photographers, writers or emerging … read more »

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Kid Stuff: Can Justin Bieber Have Fun and Be Successful at the Same Time?

Rich Juzwiak on the trials and tribulations of the 21st century’s most important teen pop star From the magazine: ISSUE 90, Feb/March 2014 “Basically, the ’stache is to make me think or feel a little … read more »

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Video: Justin Bieber f. Chance the Rapper, “Confident”

Right now in real life, Justin Bieber is in Toronto turning himself over to the police following charges of criminal assault; but in this slick, new Colin Tilley-directed “Confident” video, he’s just slipped through a … read more »

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Video: P. Morris, “Hold Tight (Justin Bieber Edit)”

FADER PREMIERE Perhaps most closely associated with the Night Slugs crew, Kansas City-based producer Morri$ recently announced a name change (to P. Morris), and along with it, this very engrossing edit of “Hold Tight,” stripping … read more »

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Stream: Justin Bieber f. Future, “What’s Hatnin’”

Justin Bieber’s grown-and-sexy career reboot Journals is out now, and in addition to all ten of his #musicmonday drops, it includes five new tracks along with appearances by Lil Wayne (who promised long ago that … read more »

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Stream: Sage the Gemini f. Justin Bieber & IamSu, “Gas Pedal (Remix)”

Sage the Gemini’s bedroom record-turned-club hit, “Gas Pedal,” gets a big new look with Justin Bieber jumping on the official remix. Bieber—a Pisces who should probably give the gas pedal a rest—sounds plenty comfy using … read more »

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Staff Selects: Teen Pop Breakthroughs from Justin Bieber to Britney Spears

Every week, a different FADER editor compiles a playlist to highlight a new release and give you a guide to that artist’s web of influences and peers. These Staff Selects live in our Spotify app, … read more »

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