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Stream: Jamie XX’s Grime Mix on BBC 1xtra

When Jamie XX transitioned from his take on Gil Scott-Heron‘s “New Here” into Ruff Sqwad‘s “XTC Instrumental” a minute into his mix on Mistajam’s BCC 1xtra show, we don’t think anyone was expecting or really … read more »

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Seven Years in Ten Minutes: “Pow 2011″ vs “Game Over”

Way back in 2004, Lethal Bizzle jumped on Dexplicit’s Forward riddim with the lights of grime’s then still rising global status. “Pow,” the resulting track was one of the songs included in every non-UK journalist … read more »

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Video: Kano, “Spaceship”

Kano‘s amazing for writing a track about a woman’s desire to escape her low self-esteem by shooting into space, at least we think that’s what it’s about. Is it weird, though, that we can’t watch … read more »

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Video: Kano f. Wiley and Aidonia, “Get Wild”

Produced by Boys Noize, Kano’s new track is an international affair. The German producer has made a track loose enough to fit the frame for Kano and Wiley‘s UK rap and Aidonia‘s dancehall vocals. It’s … read more »

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Video: Kano, "More Than One Way"

The UK grime dude has been moving in the poppiest direction as of late, though this is our favorite in the newest clutch thus far. Really feeling the beat/hook/subject matter. But what’s going on with … read more »

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Video: Kano, “Rock ‘N’ Roller”

In April 2005′s FADER issue 29, with Bloc Party on the front cover, we put Kano on the back, largely on the strength of his massive “Ps and Qs” and “Reload It.” “Ps and Qs,” … read more »

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Video: Kano, “Hustler”

Watching the almost-rise of F29 cover star Kano was one of the more epic letdowns in all of grime’s reign as Music That America Cared About For A Month. His album Home Sweet Home was … read more »

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Prancehall’s Bass Odyssey, Part 13

Watching Kano progress as an MC reminds me in some ways of a time-lapse video of a decaying apple I once saw at the Tate Modern. (Note: the video I linked to is not the … read more »

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For A Green Card I Carve Him Up Real Nice

More from the international GrimeWatch desk: a few months back, our man Matt at RWD sent us their latest issue, with Kano decked out Tony Montana-style. And now the most recent VIBE seems to be, … read more »

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Win A Date With Kano

If by “date” you mean “chance to go on tour with” – which we do, tough guy! The Jump Off is looking for UK battle rappers to throw down for £100 and a slot on … read more »

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