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Video: Keepaway, “Cake”

Keepaway are playing a dangerous game with “Cake.” Like, had this song come out in 2007′s halcyon days of post-Animal Collective, African music obsessions, it would have found a comfortable home next to the other … read more »

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Keepaway In The Backyard

The men of Brooklyn’s Keepaway settled into our backyard last week to play a few songs and scare away the neighbor’s dogs. The threesome is releasing their debut EP, Baby Style, on Lefse Records next … read more »

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Keepaway, “Yellow Wings” MP3

How did Keepaway dudes somehow tap into our seratonin reserves with this song and give us a boost better than the [Lexapro] [St. Johns Wort] [smell of lemons] [Wellbutrin] [beer] that we use/abuse to keep … read more »

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