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Of Montreal Feature The Other Knowles Sister On New Album, Bring Beyonce Collabo One Step Closer

If you’ve followed our play-by-play on the whole Kevin Barnes/Beyonce Internet pen pal love affair, this will come as no big shock to you. The whole news cycle started because Beyonce said her sister had … read more »

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Kevin Barnes Now Actually Working On Song For Beyonce

From Kevin Barnes’s Twitter: “Started work on a song 4 B.not that she’s contacted me.just in case.it’s called”He’sMyPartyDrug”. sounds like The Time meets Four Tet.” With the media’s play-by-play coverage of this and the invention … read more »

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Kevin Barnes Is Totally Ready For Beyonce's Jelly

Earlier this week we told you Beyonce expressed a desire to collaborate with beloved weirdo Kevin Barnes and his Of Montreal counterparts. Now Barnes responded by telling Paste “I would be fully psyched to work … read more »

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Of Montreal @ Music Hall of Williamsburg | Brooklyn

Of Montreal, by now one of the most accomplished bands in indie pop, brought their insane freak show celebration to Music Hall of Williamsburg for a three-night stint far more intimate and stripped-down than their recent tours. read more »

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