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Video: Killer Mike, “Reagan”

Perfectly in time with tonight’s presidential debate, Killer Mike drops a clip for “Reagan.” The video is entirely animated—with flavors of Basquiat’s drawing style at moments throughout—but despite its lack of real-life visuals, the war … read more »

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Killer Mike f. Emily Panic and Chamillionaire, “Anywhere But Here” MP3

The original version of Killer Mike’s “Anywhere But Here” was a compact song about Mike driving through various areas of New York and Atlanta where he’s seen death. It’s a bleak song, told with humanity, … read more »

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Video: Killer Mike f. Scar, “Untitled”

Killer MIke illustrates “Untitled,” the personal mission statement from his recent, Southern history-revising album R.A.P. Music, with a series of living portraits, drawn from various eras but all rendered in a uniformly dim, baroque style. … read more »

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Coachella Announces Cruise Festival

Coachella is not landlocked anymore. It has been announced that the festival will take to the sea for two rounds this upcoming December via the S.S. Coachella, 122,000-ton ship that can host 2,800 attendees. The … read more »

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Video: Killer Mike f. Bun B, T.I. and Trouble, “Big Beast”

Killer Mike’s video for “Big Beast,” featuring Bun B, T.I. and Trouble (who does not appear), does not fit the prototypical rapper heist/strip club narrative. Instead, it shares more with Nicolas Winding Refn’s getaway flick … read more »

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Stream El-P’s Album Cancer4Cure

This week, Killer Mike released his album, R.A.P. Music, a collaborative effort between Mike and New York underground rap guard, El-P. But El’s work this year hasn’t been limited to making beats for Mike. His … read more »

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Killer Mike: Pain and Champagne

Returning to the roots of Southern rap, Killer Mike found his own extraordinary future. Despite it’s mythology, Stankonia is actually just a big studio in a plain office building on a particularly non-descript stretch of … read more »

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Beat Construction: El-P

The producer is one of the most crucial yet anonymous figures in all of music. Every other week, with Beat Construction, an extension of our column in the magazine, we aim to illuminate the role … read more »

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Download Trackstar the DJ’s Best of Organized Noize

It’s impossible to imagine hip-hop without the music of Organized Noize, the production team that has helped define the sound of Atlanta and beyond for more than two decades. Despite their unquestionable impact on the … read more »

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Stream: Killer Mike, “JoJo’s Chillin” and “Southern Fried”

Killer Mike’s El-P-produced R.A.P. Music drops May 15th (and in too-rare vinyl format on May 29th). Over the weekend, his label offered streams of two new tracks from the release. “JoJo’s Chillin” is a story … read more »

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