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Freak Scene #57: Chaos in Tejas

In this week’s Freak Scene, Jamie Johns reports from Austin, Texas, where she attended the Chaos in Tejas. For reviews of Bastard, Bastard Noise and other non-Bastard named groups, check after the jump.

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The Singles Collection – Record Store Day With Sonic Youth, Beck, Obits, Kim Phuc, Jay Reatard

As is our want, we’ve flipped the script here at The Singles Collection and in the spirit of timeliness, this week we’ll be featuring seven-inches that were exclusive to last Saturday’s Record Store Day. Now, some of you may be listening to these as you read this, others may have unfortunately been shut out, while other still may have no idea these singles, or Record Store Day for that matter, even existed. At any rate, we’re only scratching the surface of the exclusive platters that were available on the 18th (for a full list, go here), and we hear some stores may even still have stock on some of these titles, so if anything strikes your fancy, best get a googlin’. read more »

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The Singles Collection – The Mayfair Set, The Box Elders, Kim Phuc

This week’s Singles Collection is awash in the boozy afterglow of South by Southwest, a festival we survived for the 10th year running… but just barely. Soap-boxing aside, all of the bands featured this week were part of SxSW in one way or another (ie – lots of unofficial shows) and are well-deserving of your listening time and hard-earned stimulus cash. read more »

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