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The FADER FORT Presented by Converse NYC: Days 3 & 4

The FADER FORT Presented by Converse wrapped up a great week in Brooklyn with an insanely stacked bill. Friday headliner Miguel’s performance was wonderfully huge, packed with stadium dance moves and yelping ladies. On Saturday, … read more »

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Spotted at New York Fashion Week: Danny Brown and Kitty Pryde

During New York Fashion Week, flocks of fashion editors, stylists, models and fans flaunt their best and brightest outfits, shoes and attitudes like proud peacocks. We spotted former co-models Danny Brown and Kitty Pryde at … read more »

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Home Sweet Home: Kitty Pryde’s Guide to Living With Your Parents

One month after 19-year-old mall clerk-turned-rapper Kitty Pryde released a goofy video for her song “Okay Cupid” and experienced a remarkably quick (if divisive) rise to stardom, she wrote on her Tumblr: “NO REALLY GUYS … read more »

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In eighth grade my English teacher assigned the class a research paper on a modern artist. He suggested subjects for us, and said I might like to write about German painter Max Ernst. His reasoning … read more »

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World Premiere! The FADER #81 Featuring The xx and Chief Keef

When The xx formed, they were about the age Chief Keef is now. On a basic level, they’re not similar musicians; Keef is a rapper, The xx is a rock band. But both have pushed … read more »

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beautiful lou

Download Beautiful Lou’s Sumone 2 B Young With Mixtape

Yesterday, San Antonio producer Beautiful Lou released Sumone 2 B Young With, a delightful compilation of old and new songs. Falling into the latter category is a fresh collaboration with Das Racist’s Himanshu Suri. On … read more »

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kitty pryde hittin lix_620

Kitty Pryde, “Hittin Lix” MP3

Toronto producer Bad Channels’ beat on “Hittin Lix,” the first single off the young Florida rapper Kitty Pryde’s forthcoming debut LP, is decompression after decompression, with shushed cymbals and Kitty’s voice lulling. It’s the definition … read more »

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Download Riff Raff’s Summer of Surf Mixtape

Riff Raff, the prolifically weird recent Mad Decent signee and self-described “#1 sleep walking booty grabber in Sweden,” released Summer of Surf last night. The mixtape functions essentially as a best-of collection, with songs up … read more »

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Interview: Kitty Pryde

We met Kitty Pryde, the divisive teen rapper, outside the US Passport Office in Soho, where she was picking up last-minute documents with an adorable entourage in tow: her dad, her friend from the “Okay … read more »

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Watch Three New Riff Raff Videos, Including “Orion’s Belt” with Kitty Pryde

Never one to play it conservatively, Riff Raff just released three new videos in the span of a half-day. Above is the Noisey-premiered boardwalk flick for “Orion’s Belt,” his Beautiful Lou-produced collaboration with Daytona Beach’s … read more »

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