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Mystikal, “Hit Me” MP3

Mystikal’s new track, “Hit Me,” feels like a triumph. His past is littered with extreme highs and lows, but he’s in a remorseful and healthy present and you can feel that regeneration at work on … read more »

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Mystikal, “Bullshit” MP3

Set to return to jail today, where he’ll serve 90 days after a domestic abuse arrest in violation of his parole, Mystikal used his last free tweet to share “Bullshit,” a recent recording he says, … read more »

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Mystikal and Fiend, “I’ont Like You” MP3

New song by Mystikal and Fiend: also known as two dudes teaming up to yell and growl a bunch. No but really, in no small part to producer KLC, this sounds like Vintage Mystikal: tense … read more »

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