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Video: Christina Vantzou, “Going Backwards to Recover What Was Left Behind”

FADER PREMIERE Christina Vantzou, the ambient/post-classical composer who just released her second album, Nº2, via Kranky, has always doubled her work with film, producing extended visuals for her earlier group The Dead Texan and a … read more »

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Christina Vantzou, “Going Backwards to Recover What Was Left Behind” MP3

Brussels-based neoclassical composer Christina Vantzou’s threnodic, river-like music is moving enough already, but it gets me even more worked up remembering how I first found it a decade ago in a now nonexistent CD store, … read more »

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Justin Walter, “Dream Weaving” MP3

Is Justin Walter’s “Dream Weaving” what an ambient jam band might sound like? That might be stretching it, but the new Kranky signee delivers a muffled electronics workout over jazzy drums and slashes of jagged … read more »

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Freak Scene: Windy and Carl’s We Will Always Be

My junior year of college, I lived off campus in a building that used to be a hospital, but was transformed and repurposed into apartments. The residents were split: about 20% students, the rest being … read more »

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Mirrorring, “Fell Sound” MP3

Mirrorring is the collaborative project between Grouper and Tiny Vipers. If you care about either of those projects, you probably have a pretty great idea of how this sounds. The key here is that while … read more »

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Stream: Tim Hecker, “Sketch 5″

Whenever Tim Hecker releases new music onto the internet to be a part of the blogging hamster wheel, it always feels a little weird. Like maybe it doesn’t quite belong in rotation with much else … read more »

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