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Kreayshawn’s New Chokers Are Very Necessary

Since her rise to Internet celebrity with “Gucci Gucci,” Kreayshawn has used her many talents to build an online empire that spans from swagged-out music videos to home-made baby food. These days she’s working as … read more »

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Video: Iamsu! f. Wiz Khalifa, “Goin Up”

Another week, another mood-lifting Iamsu! video. This one, for $uzy 6 $peed’s “Goin Up,” which features tagalong post-hyphy enthusiast Wiz Khalifa, was directed by Kreayshawn, who’s taken a step back from rapping of late, focusing … read more »

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Download Sasha Go Hard’s Round 3 Mixtape

While admiringly referred to as “drill’s leading lady,” Sasha Go Hard has long tried to diplomatically dissociate herself from that scene. “I came a long way from my old songs,” she told FADER last year. … read more »

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Video: Kreayshawn: “Go Hard (La La La)”

Kreayshawn’s “Go Hard (La La La)” is ebullient pop, and its new video is an explosion of color and cupcakes, like a low-budget hybrid of Katy Perry and “Pon Pon Pon”. Something About Kreay drops … read more »

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Video: Kreayshawn f. V-Nasty, “Summertime”

In advance of a promised official video, Kreayshawn has released a breezy, day-with-the-girls VHS showcase for “Summertime,” shot in LA by Uzi. The camcorder clip visually references the montage of tween-era home videos Kreayshawn shared … read more »

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Watch 10-Year-Old Kreayshawn’s Home Videos

Kreayshawn shares “Baby Kreay @ 10 years old,” an endlessly-watchable montage of childhood-era videos she shot. “I decided to put some old footage of me up so you guys can see a little of how … read more »

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Watch Grimes and Kreayshawn Collaborate as L$D

“Don’t Smoke My Blunt Bitch,” the strange but totally sensical collab between Grimes, Kreayshawn, Blood Diamonds and Tragik—all under the name L$D—is a perfect piece, like a 2012 merging of Tumblr and riot grrrl. The … read more »

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Interview: Kreayshawn

I met Kreayshawn at the Manhattan headquarters of her label, Columbia, one year to the day after “Gucci Gucci” premiered. One of those rare songs that doubled as a conversation piece, “Gucci Gucci” was as … read more »

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Video: Kreayshawn f. 2 Chainz, “Breakfast”

Kreayshawn invites 2 Chainz over to stack pancakes in her sticky, self-directed video for new single, “Breakfast.” To see what kids are eating in the morning these days (mostly drugs, cereal, slurpees, eggs), check out … read more »

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Video: 2 Chainz f. Kreayshawn, “Murder”

The long-awaited video for “Murder,” an unlikely collaboration between very-tall 2 Chainz and very-tiny Kreayshawn featured on 2 Chainz’

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