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DJ Zhao, Ngoma 6: Ukulwa Mixtape

Just in time for Youth Day, the June 16 holiday commemorating Soweto uprising against the apartheid regime, DJ Zhao has compiled an incredible mixtape of African and African-inspired dance music (including some of the self-same … read more »

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Video Premiere: Buraka Som Sistema, “Buffalo Stance”

Neneh Cherry’s dancehall-video-referencing, technicolor graffiti for 1988′s “Buffalo Stance” forged the future for everyone from Deee-Lite (whose own groovy videos came a couple years post facto) to MIA (duh). But in this clipped beat cover … read more »

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Video: Bert on Beats f. Anbuley, “Suomo”

You might remember Ghanaian vocalist Anbuley as the arresting presence on Zakee Kuduro‘s “Sane Eba,” and here she is yet again to steal the show. Bert on Beats, an Estonian producer, enlisted her for “Suomo,” … read more »

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Edu K’s Club Popozuda Mixtape MP3

Revered baile funk producer Edu K whipped up this collection of heaters for Club Popozuda, a tropical London dance party that has now transformed into purveyor of a great SoundCloud feed. They say love is … read more »

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Video: Costuleta, “Ladjum”

We’re used to seeing Angolan kuduro vocalist Costuleta in much lower-budget videos, so it initially seems odd that the production quality of this one equals that of your garden-variety American rap clip. But then he’s … read more »

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Buraka Som Sistema’s BBC Essential Mix MP3

Buraka Som Sistema‘s Essential Mix is like throwing a rave in a rainforest, all humid, eardrum-breaking beats and ridiculous collective energy. The Portuguese ensemble is gifted at making their rhythms sound actually contortionist, kuduro twisting … read more »

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DJ Normal Nada, “Kukiza k Kuia” MP3 + Estraga Mixtape

We try to stay on top of our kuduro around here, so when we say this is the weirdest, most awesome kuduro song we’ve heard lately, it is not with the dilettante’s flair for hyperbole. … read more »

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We Just Listened to Radio Secousse for 24 Hours in a Row

Secousse is the monthly party run by Johan and Etienne of Radioclit/The Very Best in cities all over the world but based at London’s Notting Hill Arts Club. If you go to it, you should … read more »

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Stream: DJ Gregory & Sidney Samson f. Dama S, “Dama s Salon”

French funky house purveyor DJ Gregory traveled to Luanda not long ago and recorded vocals with Kuduro Sound System‘s Dama S for a rather nasty confluence of house sensibilities with kuduro fire. This is the … read more »

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New Angolan Kuduro from Agre G, Os Vagabanda and Game Wala

The last we heard from Os Vagabanda, they were blowing minds with “Successo” in a Ghetto Palms/Akwaaba special edition podcast. The last we heard of Agre G was “Piké Piké” a couple weeks ago. And … read more »

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