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Hear a New Song from Grimes Collaborator Kuhrye-oo

Recently, we hadn’t heard a ton from Kuhrye-oo, the Edmonton-bred producer who has toured with Born Gold and collaborated with Grimes. Well dude just dropped a clubby new single out of the blue, and “Air … read more »

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Download BOY/FRIEND’s Leather Weather LP

BOY/FRIEND—New York’s Shan Poo—just released one of the best free R&B album of the year. (See also: SZA.) Though at times derivative of contemporary pillars of the genre—and openly so, with the album tagged on … read more »

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Kuhrye-oo, “Give In (For the Fame) (Boody & Le1f Remix)” MP3

Canadian producer, Born Gold member and Grimes affiliate Kuhrye-oo’s “Give In (For the Fame)” single gets the remix treatment courtesy of regular collaborators Le1f and Boody, who weirden the song just a little more with … read more »

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Video: Kuhrye-oo, “For the Fame II”

Montreal’s Calvin McElroy, recording as Kuhrye-oo, has released a collaborative video for “For the Fame II,” a reworked version of the song “Give In (For the Fame)” from his new EP. “II” is even brighter … read more »

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Kuhrye-oo, “Give In (For the Fame)” MP3

Here’s a breezy and inviting track by Canadian producer Calvin McElroy bka Kuhrye-oo, formerly of the band Gobble Gobble and now of Born Gold. Set to a glitchy, rattling beat, “Give In (For the Fame)” … read more »

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