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In Remembrance of Kurt Cobain, Revisit Our 2011 Feature on the Nirvana Frontman

On the 20th anniversary of Kurt Cobain‘s death, we honor the musician and his career by looking back at a 2011 FADER feature written by Kurt St. Thomas, a current KROQ DJ who premiered Nirvana‘s … read more »

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GoodHood Draws Axl Rose, Kurt Cobain and Ian Curtis into their Spring Collections

For their new style feature called As Worn By, the immaculately curated British boutique GoodHood collaborated with illustrator Clara Lacy to draw rock icons like Ian Curtis, Kurt Cobain, Henry Rollins, Axl Rose and Malcom … read more »

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Dive, “Bambi Slaughter” (Kurt Cobain Home Demo Cover) MP3

Nirvana are not even close to the primary influence—that would be shoegaze, Cure-style emotive guitar, and any band that loves a delay pedal in a really pretty way—we hear in Dive‘s music, but it doesn’t … read more »

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Wear Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love On Your Sleeve

The love we have for Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love is private and special and hard to put into words, usually involving hours spent watching YouTube videos of the two of them and then talking … read more »

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Nardwuar vs. Nardwuar, a TED Talk

Nardwuar the Human Serviette, of recent Lil B and Odd Future interview fame, but a man with a legacy stretching back before today’s rap stars kindergarten years, gave a 20-minute TED talk last November, just … read more »

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This Week in the FADER: April 10, 2011 Edition

** Tyler, the Creator gave James Pants the stems for “Seven” from his album Bastard and let him turn him into a devil with a thing for sonar ping and deep hand drums. James Pants … read more »

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FEATURE: Kurt Cobain’s Freedom Now

On April 8, 1994 I was sitting behind my desk at WFNX-FM in Boston. Around 11 AM one of the station’s disc jockeys walked into my office and said that something had just come over … read more »

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Fiddle Tim = Frances Bean Cobain's Artist Alter Ego

Goat Shit (I Don’t Owe You Shit). Rock royalty Frances Bean Cobain is showing her first-ever art exhibit in Los Angeles right now, at punk rock gallery La Luz de Jesus, the lowbrow mainstay created … read more »

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Seattle Art Museum’s Kurt Cobain Show

Sixteen years after his death, the name Kurt Cobain may mean more to some that it does to others. If, like us, you spent your formative years angsting-out to the tune of “Smells Like Teen … read more »


The K-Singles Zip-Pak Is Banging Down Your (Virtual) Door

K Records, whose name you probably know from various things such as Kurt Cobain’s tattoo, being the label that puts out lots of great music by Mirah, and having a pretty killer rock doc made … read more »

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