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Kurt Vile, “The Creature” MP3

Where’s the depressing yet strangely life-affirming road movie for which Kurt Vile’s “The Creature” will be the theme? Seriously, if it’s not in the works already, somebody please make this movie. Even if the plotline … read more »

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Video: Kurt Vile, “Jesus Fever”

We never really thought about the piano at the end of Kurt Vile’s lovely, lovely “Jesus Fever” until we saw the city of Philadelphia projected on his guitar. It’s such a staggering conclusion to the … read more »

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Stream: Animal Collective’s All Tomorrow’s Parties Mix

You know what is insane on a mixtape? Big Boi‘s “Shine Blockas” into Kurt Vile‘s “Freeway.” You know what is insane in real life? Big Boi and Kurt Vile sharing a stage, or really Big … read more »

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The Tripwire: A Place Much Like Kurt Vile’s Living Room

Last week I got an unexpected night off of work. I ended up getting a haircut and just sort of wandering the neighborhood for a bit afterward and quite literally stumbled upon a leg of … read more »

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Stream Kurt Vile’s Album Smoke Ring For My Halo

Super stoked that we can finally talk about this album with anyone that cares now. Smoke Ring For My Halo, Kurt Vile‘s fourth(!) album is definitely his most accomplished yet—taking the seeds of brilliance that … read more »

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Kurt Vile, “Jesus Fever” MP3

Now that the internet is such a thing (deal with it), we have the distinct fortune/misfortune of watching artists grow in front of our eyes. Their flaws are our flaws. It’s more a race about … read more »

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Bradford Cox Covers Bob Dylan, Kurt Vile on Atlas Sound’s Bedroom Databank Vol. 1

Georgian home recording ultra maven Bradford Cox has a new harmonica heavy mixtape available for free download on his blog. It sounds like The Beatles, it sounds like the Appalachians. It also (almost) literally sounds … read more »

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Kurt Vile, “In My Time” MP3

You know how sometimes you’ll come home from work and you’ll definitely still have shit to do, but you’ll be like, You know what? I’m exhausted. It can wait until tomorrow. Gotta wonder if that … read more »

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Download Kurt Vile’s Square Shells EP for Free for the Next 24 Hours

For just 24 hours (starting now! 11:30AM, May 25th, 2010), download Kurt Vile‘s excellent new Square Shells EP. It’s perfect for avoiding work and sitting on a roof with some sweet tea. Or you know, … read more »

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Download Kurt Vile's Square Shells EP for Free

For the next 24 hours over at the inimitable Matablog. And, as you let Mr. Vile’s new psychedelic brainlight cascade across your hairy face, be sure to read Chris Ruen‘s Q&A with him right here. … read more »