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Stream: DJ Quik and Kurupt, “The Demon’s Carol”

DJ Quik and Kurupt are back together again on “The Demon’s Carol,” an unusual song with dark, textured production. The track feels odd in the context of current hip-hop, but it fits in well with … read more »

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Fader Fort | SXSW 2012

Tha Dogg Pound f. 2 Chainz, “Where She Like” MP3

2 Chainz lets some of his magic rub off on Tha Dogg Pound for Where She Like,” from their upcoming D.P.G.OLOGY mixtape, due out on 4/20. Marvel at how listening to 2 Chainz rap never … read more »

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2Pac f. Fatal & Kurupt, “Ride For Me” MP3

This previously unreleased jam could have been made in 1832 and it would still sound relevant—that classic West Coast shit never really feels dated because it evoked a mood and lifestyle before a particular sound, … read more »

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Video: Kurupt f. Xzibit, “In Gotti We Trust”

Between the ominous beat, Kurupt‘s glaring swagger and the very idea of lining up in a row in a weird brick warehouse military-style, we’re satisfyingly on edge through every aspect of this video, exactly how … read more »

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Snoop Dogg f. Nipsey Hussle and Kurupt, “Westside Rollin” MP3

It actually sounds like all these dudes got in the studio together and in 2010, that is a pretty rare thing, but its why “Westside Rollin” works. The West Coast hasn’t gotten a lot of … read more »

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Video: Quik & Kurupt, “Do You Know”

How old is DJ Quik? In the F48 cover story he talks about being disturbed at how much a stint in jail aged him, but from our lens he’s looked about 26 years old for … read more »


Video: DJ Quik + Kurupt, “9 Times Outta 10″

Quik and Kurupt’s BlaQKout came through our mailboxes recently and is exactly the sort of late-career move we like to see from these guys (side note: we’d also like to see some kind of web … read more »


Freeload: Kurupt, “Yessir” Prod. By Pete Rock

We have love for both of these dudes always, but they haven’t impressed us lately. You know what, though? It’s sunny out and they created a real laid back porch-sitter just in time for us … read more »

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