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Five Questions For Ladytron

Member Daniel Hunt is making coffee as band mate Mira Arroyo tinkers on her laptop when I sit down. Ladytron and The Faint are playing for two nights at The Fillmore in San Francisco and are swapping headlining duties. Playing at the Fillmore, says Hunt, is surreal because “it’s where we started” as a band. read more »

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The Faint, Ladytron @ The Variety Playhouse | Atlanta

I was very excited when I heard Ladytron and The Faint where doing a co-headlining tour. I had yet to see Ladytron perform aside from the occasional DJ set, and The Faint blow me away every time. That being said it was showtime. read more »

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Ladytron And Goldfrapp In The Studio With Christina Aguilera

The electronic pop sounds of Ladytron are undeniably catchy. Their infectious beats manage to permeate through your brain, leaving you unable to deny the trance of dance the foursome create, and Christina Aguilera’s people must have caught onto Ladytron’s noxious sound; having the two teams pair up in the studio together, collaborating on Aguilera’s upcoming album. read more »

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