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Rapper Young Thug, seen in Atlanta, Georgia December 2013.

Hear a Sparkling New Remix of Young Thug’s “Danny Glover” by Lapalux

Young Thug is such a sharp presence on record that it’s hard to imagine his voice as beautifully drowned in chill, sparkling sounds as he is on a new remix by British producer Lapalux. Lapalux … read more »

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Lapalux f. ShadowBox, “Moveoutofmyway” MP3

I’m really into Lapalux’s liberal use of bonus cuts with his new album Nostalchic. A month ago, he gave away the fantastic Busdriver collab “Forlorn”, and now there’s this one featuring his Pictures labelmate ShadowBox, … read more »

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Download: Lapalux f. Busdriver, “Forlorn” + Interview

To promote his forthcoming full-length debut on Brainfeeder—called Nostalchic and out March 25th—Lapalux, that British master of tape warble and densely popping percussion, teamed with an unlikely collaborator, LA’s inimitable left-field rapper Busdriver, for their … read more »

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Gucci Mane, “Stupid (Lapalux Bootleg)” MP3

This track came out during the holiday shuffle, so we never got a chance to post it—given the newly released posters for Harmony Korine’s Gucci Mane-featuring Spring Breakers, plus the announcement of Essex producer Lapalux’s … read more »

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Lapalux, “The Hours” MP3

With his glistening synths and gentle underwater bass, Essex producer Lapalux is adept at crafting tracks that feel like the sonic equivalent of a candlelit bubble bath. On “The Hours,” he layers soft clicks and … read more »

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Stream: Lapalux, “Time Spike Jamz”

The best Lapalux songs are indeterminately biological, his smooth synths taking on waveforms usually reserved for the curves and warps only found in flowers and heard through stethoscopes. “Time Spike Jamz,” released on his Many … read more »

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Stream: Lianne La Havas, “Lost and Found (Lapalux Remix)”

Lapalux, the Essex producer with recent releases on Brainfeeder and Pictures, has turned in a soothing, house-inflected remix for Lianne La Havas, a rising British singer with a comforting voice described accurately by Kim Taylor … read more »

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Stream: Lapalux f. Py, “Moments”

Essex producer Lapalux treats Py’s vocals wonderfully on “Moments,” one of his most straightforwardly emotional songs to date. First he puffs them up when she sings I keep moments of you trapped in a film/ … read more »

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Stream: Mirrors, “Fear of Drowning (Lapalux Remix)”

Today Skint released Deconstructed, a remix EP of Brighton’s Mirrors produced by Lapalux, Rudi Zygadlo, Seth and Radioactive Man. Lapalux’s master-stroke take features a minute-long cloud surfing intro. Then, newly manufactured pitched-up vocals are interrupted … read more »

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Tawiah, “Breakaway (Lapalux Remix)” MP3

Tawiah’s Soundcloud page has been filled this week with British dance remixes of her work, which on its own leans toward pretty straightforward nu-soul. Greenmoney and Young Montana have chimed it, but the far and … read more »

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