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Video: No Age, “Inflorescence” (Dir. by Todd Cole)

FADER photographer Todd Cole, maker of beautiful images as well as confusing/museum-touring films for Rodarte, teamed up with No Age to make this mini-saga. The pairing was arranged by great arts patron Levi’s to commemorate … read more »

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Video: Maluca, “Lola”

International via NYC fashion darling Jason Farrer styled the video for “Lola,” Maluca’s new track with Holland club outfit Party Squad. He dressed her in frosty lipsticks, fur, a clear vinyl overall dress and North … read more »

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Maluca and Party Squad, “Lola” MP3

We’re not sure exactly who Lola is, but here she’s painted by Maluca as the every-woman hustler with modest aspirations of paying the rent, feeding her kids, getting by and looking fly. Maluca clarifies the … read more »

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Video: 3Ball MTY, “Inténtalo (Me Prende)”

Last fall, in our FADER #69 feature on the tribal guarachero scene, producer/mentor Toy Selectah said this about Mexico’s newest dance music: “[It's] in the hands of the DJs producing it, the whole industry circle … read more »

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Rita Indiana, “Los Poderes (Atropolis Remix)” MP3

In FADER 67, we called Rita Indiana’s work with her band Los Misterios “feral electro-mamba.” Kingdom already remixed this song from her album El Juidero for Dutty Artz’ New York Tropical compilation. Rita’s chorus means … read more »

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Video Premiere: Ana Tijoux, “Elefant”

In February, Chilean rapera Ana Tijoux was in LA and up for a Grammy. She lost to Grupo Fantasma—who cares? On the “brisk, fine, and sunny” Saturday before the ceremony, Jon and Forest Casey captured … read more »

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los rakas

Interview: Los Rakas

Rico and Dun of Los Rakas are 23 and 24. For the last four years they’ve matured together, emulating and playing with sounds from their native Panama, dancehall radio and the fallen Bay Area hyphy … read more »

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Video: Os Kazumbis, “Kazumbis”

Aw, hell no. Kuduru zombies? Obviously there is a god, or something powerful that listens to our prayers and follows our tumblrs. The only thing more kickass than this video is the beat, which initiates … read more »

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Ana Tijoux’s Elefant Mixtape

Fun fact: Ana Tijoux is the second Chilean ever nominated for a Grammy in its 53-year history, which probably means those dudes need to dig deeper. Seriously, Alison Krauss is sweeping that shit with a … read more »

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Texas Forever: Goodbye To Friday Night Lights

Last night, the final episode of the last season of Friday Night Lights aired on DirecTV. We didn’t see it because we’re waiting to watch and savor the episodes of the fifth season on Hulu … read more »

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