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Download BOY/FRIEND’s Leather Weather Worldwide: The Remixes EP

Angel-voiced New York singer BOY/FRIEND released his excellent free R&B EP, Leather Weather, back in April. Now he’s gotten together a globe-spanning crew of friends (among them New York’s Brenmar, Chile’s Daniel Klauser, Lithuania’s Fingalick, … read more »

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Video: Le1f, “Spa Day”

There’s a moment in the new video for Le1f’s Fly Zone track “Spa Day” where the rapper, who’s usually prone to hyperbolic eye-rolls, drops the sass and flashes a big, sincere grin. We’d smile too … read more »

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Live: LE1F and Danny Brown at the Knitting Factory

Last year, after the release of his incredible Dark York mixtape, when lots of folks on the internet were busy trying to back LE1F into some kind of “gay rap” corner, I remember thinking that … read more »

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Download LE1F’s Fly Zone Mixtape

Oh shit, the new LE1F mixtape is here. It’s called Fly Zone, and out for free via Greedhead and Camp & Street, the Palms Out side-label run by LE1F himself. On first listen, with LE1F’s … read more »

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Stream: Le1f, “Coins”

Widely-loved and very photogenic New Yorker Le1f, the man behind last year’s most exciting mixtape, will release his followup next Monday, entitled Fly Zone, via Greedhead and Camp & Street, the Palms Out side-label run … read more »

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Brooklyn Bound: An Exclusive Download from Le1f’s Rubber Tracks Performance

Delivering the tongue twisting verses of Le1f’s “Wut” live would be challenge enough for any MC, but coupled with Le1f’s original dancing, a performance turns into full on aerobics, Le1f leading the class with his … read more »

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21 Musicians, Tastemakers and Other Weirdos Pick Their Favorite Music of 2012

Though the FADER does not empirically rank our favorite releases, the year-end battle between album heavyweights rages in our brains like everyone else’s. But we’re talkers, prone to changing our mind and always searching for … read more »

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Brooklyn Bound: Le1f Live at Converse Rubber Tracks

For his Rubber Tracks performance, Le1f left the chiseled models of his “Wut” and “Soda” videos at home. The dancers he did bring held him down famously, recreating, among other things, the “Soda” video’s baptism … read more »

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Brooklyn Bound: Interview with Le1f

New York rapper Le1f, whose stage name (pronounced like “leaf”) is an abbreviated version of his actual first name Khalif, admitted to us that his screen name-style moniker is nearly impossible for most people to … read more »

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What We’re Thankful For

This year, Thanksgiving comes in the immediate wake of a devastating hurricane, with many people living without the homes in which they have celebrated the holiday for years and, in some cases, generations. So, while … read more »

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