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Stream Some Remixes of Lemonade’s “Neptune”

On the original version of “Neptune,” Lemonade presented insecurity in soft focus. They didn’t really drop their good-times-at-sunset tropical vibe, so much as mold explicit sadness into it to create a modern, melancholy version of … read more »

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CMJourneyz 2011: FADER Interns see John Maus, Twin Sister and Little Red, Talk About Boners

We didn’t have enough pull to send our interns on a sweater shopping spree with Drake while he was in town for Fashion Week, so we promised them the next-best New York experience: CMJ, with … read more »

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Video: Lemonade, “Neptune” (Live in San Francisco)

Lemonade‘s take on loving San Francisco is so simple, it’s almost lazy. “I just sort of like to eat food and walk around,” says the band’s vocalist Callan Clendenin. “I’m not even that concerned about … read more »

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Lemonade, “The Place Where You Belong (Shai Cover)” MP3

By three minutes into Lemonade‘s cover of Shai’s “The Place Where You Belong,” and probably sooner, the decade you’re living in becomes helplessly foggy. I had two browser tabs open, one with Lemonade’s cover and … read more »

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Premiere: Hooray for Earth, “Comfortable, Comparable” (Lemonade Remix) MP3

Well this sounds absolutely nothing like the original. Lemonade are doing their Lemonade thing, which is basically when they turn any song they get remotely close to into a very welcoming dance party with an … read more »

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Lemonade, “Lifted” (Le Chev Remix) MP3

Here’s what takes balls: towards the end of this song Lemonade vocalist Callan Clendenin lets out a sustained howl that we usually only hear from, like, Bjork. He doesn’t pull it off entirely, but he … read more »

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Levi’s® FADER Fort Line-up: Last Day

Austin, it might be weird weather out there but there should be nothing stopping you from hitting the best Saturday ever, AKA OUR SPOT RIGHT HERE. We’re extremely excited about our line-up and surprises and … read more »

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Premiere: Via Tania, “Fields (Lemonade RMX)” MP3

The crevices and pauses of this song’s vocals are somewhat Dancer in the Dark without all the Lars von Trier doomsday ominous vibes. Lemonade do their impeccable thing with properly focused synth shimmy and little … read more »

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Video: Lemonade, “Lifted”

Lemonade‘s new video for “Lifted” is like a coed version of Lord of the Flies. Either the dripping or the steel drums remove the song from macho power grab allegory. Lemonade have smiley face dolphins … read more »

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Stream Two New Lemonade Songs

That Lemonade named its new EP Pure Moods and spelled it out with smiling dolphin heads should tell you that they are not necessarily playing with a full deck. Then again, we post kitten photos … read more »

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