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Contest: Win a 7-Inch Test Pressing of Nas’ “Hey Young World” Cover

As Nas explains on the beginning of his take on “Hey Young World,” he copped the idea for “The World is Yours” from this track, both paying homage to Slick Rick and reintroducing an empowering … read more »

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The Kills, Levi’s® Pioneer Sessions

A tight grasp of jangly rock n’ roll, as well as making something sparse sound complex are just a few of the criteria required for recreating a definitive cut by The Velvet Underground. That makes … read more »

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Premiere Stream: The Kills, “Pale Blue Eyes”

“Pale Blue Eyes” is one of the most tumultuous songs Lou Reed ever wrote for the Velvet Underground, and The Kills approached their cover with the necessary heartbroken pathos: singer Alison Mosshart sounds like she’s … read more »

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Stream: Raphael Saadiq, "It's A Shame" MP3

Raphael Saadiq’s revivial of “It’s A Shame” by The Spinners is part of Levi’s on-going series of contemporary artists paying tribute to reknowned originals. Today’s episode by the classic denim and apparel company’s partnership with … read more »

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Nas, Levi’s® Pioneer Sessions

There’s always that one thing we have in our youth that informs us of who we want to be as an adult. Recently, Levis® FADER Fort artist, Nas, was given the chance to recreate “Hey … read more »

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