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Watch Lil B’s UC Riverside Lecture, and Congratulations for Being Alive

It’s been almost two years since Lil B’s my-life-changing, “golden, million-dollar babies” NYU lecture. Read that here in its entirety. I haven’t gotten hold of a full recording of Mr. Motivational’s “Thank You Based God” … read more »

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Stream: Fredo Santana f. Lil B, “Bird Talk (Remix)”

After a spell of relative quiet, it’s starting to seem like Lil B is back. On Christmas Eve, the Based God dropped a straight up herculean 101-track mixtape called 05 Fuck Em, tracklist highlights include … read more »

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Download suicideyear’s HAVEFUN 001 Mixtape

FADER PREMIERE With languid beats alternating between down-comforter-soft and dragging-a-razor-blade, suicideyear, the Baton Rouge teenager, is arguably the year’s most influential producer without a major label placement. On HAVEFUN 001, a 13-track collection of remixes … read more »

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Shop the Lil B Collection at VFILES

Thank based god because now Lil B is less #rare: we already told you about Isabel Simpson-Kirsch’s senior fashion thesis collection of clothes covered with Lil B’s beautiful face for Parsons School of Design, but … read more »

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Download Lil B’s 100% Gutta Mixtape

Nearly two months since the release of Pretty Young Thug, a near eternity in based world, Lil B is back to steal the shine off Kanye’s release day with 100% Gutta. At 34 tracks and … read more »

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Lil B Inspires Senior Fashion Thesis Collection

Parsons, the prestigious and well-venerated fashion school in New York, counts the likes of Marc Jacobs (class of 1984) and Jack McCollough and Hernandez Lazaro of Proenza Schouler (class of 2002) among its alumni, so … read more »

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Download Lil B’s P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thug) Mixtape

Lil B—the rapper with gold teeth whose recent history of releasing mixtapes on weekends and days off is seeming more and more subversively intentional (rather than blissfully unaware, as I first thought), and who will … read more »

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Download Lil B’s Pink Flame Mixtape

Continuing his apparent campaign to release music at the most inopportune times, yesterday Lil B dropped Pink Flame during the Super Bowl. At 26 tracks, the mixtape is a behemoth, weirdly drawn out by extended … read more »

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Hear Lil B and Joey Bada$$’s Diss Tracks at Each Other

Update 1/30/2013: “Don’t Quit Your Day Job” is Joey Bada$$’ swift response to Lil B’s diss, a freestyle over Janet Jackson’s “That’s the Way Love Goes” instrumental, released last night. Joey uses the track equally … read more »

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Video: Lil B, “I Love You”

One of Lil B’s very sweetest tracks from his best release of 2012—and one of his jumpiest cadences (And I want you to have a good night and I want you to have a good … read more »

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