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Stream: DJ Snake & Lil Jon f. 2 Chainz, Juicy J, and French Montana, “Turn Down For What (Remix)”

DJ Snake and Lil Jon’s “Turn Down For What” is the kind of ungodly, Lime-A-Rita-soaked EDM-rap hybrid that fuels thinkpieces on how millenials are ruining culture, which is precisely why it’s worthwhile; now, two official … read more »

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Swizz Beatz is the CEO of Megaupload

Remember that “viral” Megaupload video a few weeks back, the one with a $3 million budget, where Kanye West and Lil Jon and Kim Kardashian bizarrely pledged allegiance to the file-sharing site’s “fast as hell” … read more »

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Stream: Yelawolf f. Lil Jon, “Hard White (Up in the Club)”

Here’s the first single from Yelawolf’s upcoming Radioactive. It features Lil Jon, who may or may not have also produced it—if he did, good job Lil Jon. If it’s just guest adlibs, good job anyway … read more »

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Video: Diplo f. Lil Jon, “U Don’t Like Me”

These dudes K.O.’ing it out in animation form is probably the best video we’ve seen in weeks—Diplo not only yields himself to a merciless beating, but he allows himself to be animated doing uprocks in … read more »

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Young Jeezy f. Lil Jon, “Jizzle” MP3

Not entirely sure that it’s necessary for Lil Jon to be on here. Like, this song already sounds like The Nightmare Before Christmas. But with Jeezy, especially when he collabs with Shawty Redd, the name … read more »

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Lil Jon & Diplo, “I Don’t Like You (Jayou RMX)” MP3

Point blank, we’ve been concerned for Lil Jon‘s liver for a hot minute now based on his Twitter. Average tweet: “IM IN THE CLUB PATRROOOOONNN SHOOTTTTS! YEAH!” Seems like he is always getting twisted, even … read more »

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Video: Lil Jon f. R. Kelly and Mario, "Ms. Chocolate"

There are three very prevalent things in Lil John’s latest video: bedhead, leather and Lil Jon’s biceps! We’d like to suggest some more things that should have gotten more face time: Crunk Juice, Lil Jon’s … read more »

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Video: Pitbull f. Sensato Del Patio, Black Point, Lil Jon & El Cata, “Watagatapitusberry (RMX)”

At first we were mad Pitbull and Lil Jon did this video because the version by a bunch of 15-year-old Dominicanos from the Bronx was just so freaking PERFECT. But if it means this loco … read more »

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Vampire Weekend Responds To Ridiculous Critical Debate With More Ridiculous Video, Lil' Jon Tennis Match!

Two words. Rza, Jake Gyllenhaal one Jonas brother, Lil’ Jon, bizarro-tennis and one of our two favorite Contra tracks together at last. Alright, so that was more than two words. But could we possibly leave … read more »

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Video: Machel Montano f. Lil Jon & Pitbull, “Floor on Fire”

You can never really go wrong with live footage from Carnival whether or not you’ve made a crunk soca anthem. It’s like free advertising for Trinidad… YES WE WANT TO COME WILD OUT WITH YOU, … read more »

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