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Dad You Be Killin Em: Ed Bravo

We have so much to thank our fathers for. In addition to teaching us how to ride bikes and be good sports, they’ve also been our sagely guides through life. As a small token of … read more »

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Tina Fey’s Got Lilith Flare

You may or may not have noticed the Lilith-like ballad playing in the background of the last episode of 30 Rock. Let’s have another listen: If the rambling, sing-songy confessional style seems familiar to you … read more »

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Lilith Fair, Why Must You Confuse Us So?

ARGHHHH. The new additions to the Lilith Fair line-up are giving us mega moral dilemmas. On one hand, we are semi-vehemently opposed to attending a festival that segregates our gender as a matter of course … read more »

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Make Your Own Fantasy Lilith Fair League

In lieu of waiting for the Lilith Fair 2010 roster to drop, let’s all just make our own! read more »

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