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Listening In to The Wire: Part IV

Concluding our week of Q&As with cast members from The Wire (previous entries are here, here and here), we present a very extended version of Senior Editor Eric Ducker’s interview with series creator David Simon, … read more »

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Listening In to The Wire: Part III

> It’s time to the re-up with the third installment of our extended Q&As with Baltimore-area actors who appear on The Wire, featured after the jump. Be sure to check back tomorrow for the conclusion … read more »

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Listening In to The Wire: Part II

For the second installment of our extended interviews with members of The Wire family we bring you Robert Chew, the man behind Proposition Joe. Read on after the jump, and check yesterday’s interviews with Anwan … read more »

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Listening In to The Wire: Part I

Photos from F41 by Lauren Fleishman In preparation for the final episode of the fourth season of The Wire, airing this Sunday on HBO, we return to our feature on the show that appeared in … read more »

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