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FMLY Fest’s DIY Insanity Hits Minneapolis Next Month; Download a Fund-Raising Mixtape

FMLY is an inclusive, “Do-It-Together” collective with members like Emily Reo, Little Spoon and a bunch of other musicians and artists from around the world. They also throw community-minded festivals, called FMLY Fests, and the … read more »

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little spoon

Stream Little Spoon’s Girlfriend Forever

FADER PREMIERE Here comes cassette kings MJMJ’s second release of the year, Little Spoon’s Girlfriend Forever. My favorite song is probably “Dude, Bra,” with its adorable chorus, I don’t know what to do with my … read more »

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little spoon

Stream: Little Spoon, “Connection”

FADER PREMIERE The opening 45 seconds of Little Spoon’s “Connection” are a bit like hazing, the overloud kick drums like actual kicks to your head. But live through a bit of shit and you’ll make … read more »

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Stream: Little Spoon, “Clouds Clear”

The best DIY pop is open to everybody, and Little Spoon’s very sweet “Clouds Clear” would make a lot of sense soundtracking a children’s parade, what with its playful, never-quitting opening loop dinging like something … read more »

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