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Jay Z Target of Extortion Plot Over Master Recordings

While Jay Z was cooly soaking in Coachella-vibes with his wife and friends this past weekend, the Los Angeles Police Department was unraveling an extortion plot involving some old Hov master tapes that have long … read more »

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Lawmakers Speak Out Against Ticketmaster/Live Nation Superunion

Where are Eddie Vedder and Pearl Jam when you need them? read more »

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Jimmy Chamberlain Quits Smashing Pumpkins

Never to shy away from posting what feels like a Smashing Pumpkins news-related item every week, The Tripwire (via HipstersUnited.com) reports that Jimmy Chamberlain has officially quit the Smashing Pumpkins. read more »

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Ticketmaster/Live Nation Antitrust Hearing Starts Today, Listen Live Online

The latest episode in the ongoing drama of the Ticketmaster/Live Nation merger starts today, as the Senate Committee on the Judiciary’s Subcommittee on Antitrust, Competition Policy and Consumer Rights takes begins its official hearing. In simpler terms: the poo could potentially be hitting the fan, and you get to watch it all live on the internet. read more »

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Ticketmaster Shareholders Ask The California State Court To Block Live Nation Merger

It already seemed like just about nobody was happy about the Ticketmaster/Live Nation merger, except Ticketmaster and Live Nation. But now the newly formed Live Nation Entertainment Inc. is facing a lawsuit filed by its shareholders, who ain’t too happy, either. read more »

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The Effect Of A Possible Ticketmaster-Live Nation Merger Exemplified In The Release Of Billboard's Annual MoneyMakers List

With all the recent buzz about a possible merger between Ticketmaster and Live Nation, we found Billboard Magazine‘s annual listing of the top earners in music even more intriguing than usual. It seems the majority of those millions come directly from touring and ticket sales, leaving us wondering just what’s at stake for artists and fans in this possible merger? read more »

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The Clear Channel Philosophy Lives On, Live Nation And Ticketmaster To Merge?

One thing that tends to happen during times of financial crises is large companies will merge. This helps stabilize all parties involved by, in essence, eliminating the competition. But with new reports of a Live Nation and Ticketmaster merger, experts and industry insiders are wondering if a review by antitrust authorities is needed. Looks like you can take the Live Nation our of Clear Channel, but you can’t take the Clear Channel out of Live Nation. read more »

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