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Crystal Stilts – "Love Is A Wave"

Keeping with our Crystal theme today, here’s the newest video from Brooklyn’s Crystal Stilts, who remain one of our favorite bands of the recent garage revival. Where some have gone for total punk, while others … read more »

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Nobunny, LiveFastDie, Liquor Store @ Union Pool | Brooklyn

I’m going to piss some people off with the headline when they realize I have no visual or aural proof of witnessing Nobunny. That’s because my journey to see two of the Godfathers of the self-recorded garage punk scenes on both coasts — Nobunny on the West and LiveFastDie on the East — ended when midnight hit and there were still two bands to go before he hit the stage. I know, not very punk rock. read more »

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200 Million Thousand

As the number of imitators grow, and In The Red starts to become relevant on a level beyond the Goner record shop, the Black Lips still stay ahead of the pack just enough to wave a collective finger at those trying to catch up. It’s as if they’re saying to the music world, “yeah, you’re doing what we did on our last record, here’s what you’ll be doing on your next one.” read more »

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LiveFastDie – "Amputated"

The last time we caught up with LiveFastDie they were partying with the Black Lips and King Khan, and bashing the heads of writers with their guitars. read more »

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The Singles Collection – Wild About Jenkem, Wizzard Sleeve, Nice Face

Hello again ladies and gents, it’s time once again to gather ’round the old Victrola and lend an ear to some of the tastiest slabs of small wax currently littering the shelves of your favorite record emporium or web store. This week, we’ve got one of the stankiest comps of recent memory, as well as a pair of singles from bands that both contributed to the aforementioned compilation. So get your balloons out, it’s time to start huffing. read more »

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