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The Tripwire: On Male Bonding, Versatility and Escaping Lo-Fi Stigmas

Male Bonding has always seemed to me a band that suffered from some unfortunate categorization. Don’t get me wrong. A lot of people have had a lot of very positive things to say about the … read more »

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Ducktails Plays “Don’t Make Plans” in His Kitchen

When we arrived at Matt Mondanile’s aka Ducktails’ doorstep with some cameras, suffice to say it was a bit of a bombardment. Just hours prior he had fallen ill at band practice and spent the … read more »

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Night Manager, “Blackout Sex” MP3

Can’t actually understand the lyrics to this song, but it’s probably for the best: “Blackout Sex” just prompted the FADER office to discuss our collective intimacy issues for about five to seven minutes. The boys … read more »

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Premiere: Cloud Nothings’ Summer FADER Mix

Cleveland-based songwriter Dylan Baldi, aka Cloud Nothings, cuts through his muddled grunge-pop with indomitable spirit—he always sounds like he just scored the winning three-pointer in a game of street ball even though half the time … read more »

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Ariel Pink’s Video Demo 2010

“Video Demo 2010,” a nine-minute clip of found footage from Dadabit, which appears to be the collage archive of a visual artist from Georgia (the country) was made in collaboration with Sunny Levine, who produced … read more »

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Video: Dom, “Living in America”

Worcester, Massachusetts’ Dom dropped another sardonic pop anthem from their forthcoming EP Sun Bronzed Greek Gods, this one roasting an idyllic/fictionalized notion of how “sexy” it is to live in America. The ironic part is … read more »

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Blackburn Recordings’ Various Deficiencies Comp v. 1 MP3

If you’re famished for Spector-ian fuzz, overdriven guitar whorls and all morsels of lo-fi, you should probably download this immediately (after you crank your levels into the red so you can hear its low tones … read more »

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Video: Best Coast, “When I’m With You”

This video, directed by Pete Ohs for one of our favorite songs of the last six months, almost convinces us that Los Angeles is, in fact, on the best coast. Beaches? Boys? Beer? A Ronald … read more »

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Video: Wolf Gang, “Back to Black”

One welcome byproduct of the whole lo-fi resurgence thing has the amount of really minimal, vocal-centric synth pop springing up. Wolf Gang is going in with the beautiful choruses and woozy samples. One thing, though: … read more »

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Premiere: Cloud Nothings, “Little Raygun” MP3

This is from a split cassette release on Bathetic and, beyond the zeitgeistical lo-fi connotations of the sound quality, it’s actually awesomely similar to listening to a cassette off a boombox in the bathroom of … read more »

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