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Video: Lockah & Taste Tester, “Higher”

If there’s a sort of trend in music videos to make weird 3D models and spin them around, I’m in no way mad—animating fizzing blobs seems like would be a great job and I’m happy … read more »

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Stream: Lockah & Taste Tester, “U Don’t Know Me”

Aberdeen’s good-times producer Lockah has teamed with Taste Tester, an Atlanta producer who first reached my ears when Lockah featured him on his FADER mix last year, for their own version of a deep(ish) Brandy … read more »

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Lockah, “Now U Wanna (Offshore Remix)” MP3

Last summer, separate from the Tuff Wax label he runs, Scottish producer Lockah released an impressive EP via Mad Decent’s free music offshoot Jeffree’s, called When U Stop Feeling Like a Weirdo & Become a … read more »

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Stream: Lockah, “Please Lockah, Don’t Hurt ‘Em”

Scottish producer/goofball Lockah—also the man behind a great FADER mix—has a new EP called Please Lockah, Don’t Hurt ‘Em coming out November 7th via Mishka. Stream the title track below, its front-and-center piano pushing his … read more »

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Download Danny Brown’s Bruiser Brigade EP

Danny Brown’s longstanding Bruiser Brigade crew—comprised of the electrifying Michigan rapper, his cousin and compatriot Dopehead and their in-house producer Skywlkr, plus the rapper Chip$, who is currently incarcerated—get a release of their own today, … read more »

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Stream: Hundred Waters’ Thistle EP

Hundred Waters, the low-key Gainesville, FL pop outfit signed to Skrillex’s OWSLA, released their debut EP on the label this week, featuring five remixes of “Thistle,” a song from the band’s album that came out … read more »

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Download Lockah’s FADER Mix

Today’s stellar FADER mix comes via Scottish producer Lockah, founder of the label Tuff Wax and the man behind one of the best releases to date on Mad Decent spinoff Jeffree’s. Tuff Wax has released … read more »

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Stream Lockah’s When U Stop Feeling Like a Weirdo & Become a Threat EP

Scottish producer Lockah’s debut EP, When U Stop Feeling Like a Weirdo & Become a Threat, positions him as one of the more promising new Mad Decent artists in recent memory. Out via the label’s … read more »

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