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Future Wears Luar Zepol, Nike Hosts an Official Air Max Day, and More of This Week’s Menswear News

In today’s menswear news round-up, off-duty rapper style is coming to a mall near you, an emerging menswear brand finds a Top 40 fan and Nike celebrates one of their icons. En Noir To Make … read more »

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Stream Gatekeeper’s Luar Zepol NYFW Mini-mix

FADER NYFW, Spring 2014 Luar Zepol’s apocalyptic robes are always some of the coolest clothes at NYFW, and so they deserve a cool soundtrack to match: for the past few seasons, he’s been working with … read more »

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Finally, You Can Shop Luar Zepol’s Futuristic Fashion

We’ve been riding for Luar Zepol for years—Domican-based designer Raul Lopez is that dude who’s been consistently and admirably pushing for the future of fashion with his avant-garde take on dress-vests, neoprene vests and cornrows … read more »

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Three Ways to Wear: Vests

Except for maybe buck hunters or glee club front-persons, wearing a vest endures as one of the most intimidating style gambles there is. Sure, vests have been around nearly as long as there have been … read more »

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Like a lot of people, I freaked out when I heard about the murder of Hadiya Pendleton. In January, Pendleton, a 15-year old girl, was killed by crossfire in Chicago while hanging out in a … read more »

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New York Fashion Week: Luar Zepol

Picking up on some of the apocalyptic bodings that pretty much all of us are feeling these days, Momofuku restaurant’s magazine Lucky Peach recently put out an issue dedicated to the fall of civilization, giving … read more »

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New York Fashion Week: Six Designers To Watch

With a schedule of shows that spans seven days, New York Fashion Week can be a doozy to navigate, with many emerging designers getting drowned out by high-fashion heavyweights. In our attempt to spread the … read more »

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Line Item: Luar Zepol’s Neoprene Smock

Sure, we could (and do) talk endlessly about the clothes we love, but for our new column, Line Item, we’ll be asking some of our favorite designers to tell us what they think about the … read more »

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Interview: Raul Lopez

What better way to spend a summer afternoon than with Raul Lopez as he spins stories about underage partying in the old Downtown scene, being openly gay in a third-world country and the inspiration he … read more »


Raul Lopez Has High Hopes for New Clothes

Raul Lopez left New York City for the Dominican Republic to start his own line, Luar Zepol, after breaking with his longtime label, Hood By Air, which was just as infamous for the brashness of … read more »

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