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We Came In Peace

Reminiscent of those old Hammer Studios horror flicks from the 1950s and 1960s, add to that the creepy Jim Diamond of Detroit garage gods The Dirt Bombs-production, and Peace, though ironically named, could easily be its soundtrack. read more »

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Kid Congo Powers Remembers Lux Interior

“I remember Lux as glowing,” writes Kid Congo Powers, recalling the late front man of the The Cramps on his blog yesterday. “The rockabilly howler, the psychedelic seer, the latex and high heels pervert, the late night horror host, the most exhalted potentate of love, the king of rock and roll. Lux was all these things and so much more.” read more »

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Lux Died. I'm Distraught.

Lux Interior as remembered by his friend Kevin Patrick. The Cramps created a sound and a theater that scared off all the competition. It would indeed be silly to imply any part was bigger than the sum, but these parts were bigger than anyone else’s and hence the sum was historical, seminal, other worldly, untouchable. Like Ivy, Lux was a one off. Many have and are professing him to be the greatest front man ever — I agree. His perfect combination of spontaneity, teetering on the edge but never losing control has gone unmatched. If you never saw The Cramps you will forever live in B.C. and I am sorry for you. read more »

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R.I.P. Lux Interior Of The Cramps 1946-2009

Late last night as we were packing up our computers, getting ready to head home for the night, we started to hear whispers from the West Coast that Erick Lee Purhiser, aka Lux Interior, the lead singer and founding member of the influential garage-punk act the The Cramps had passed away the night before. Frantic searches to verify or contradict this rumor came up empty and speculation was high. After all, these rumors have been spread before and any fan of punk knows the occasional fake death is not uncommon, so we left work hoping for the best, but sadly fearing the worst. By the time we got home, those fears were realized via a press release in our inbox. Lux Interior was 62. read more »

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