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Young Galaxy, “Open Your Heart” MP3

To celebrate their eight-year anniversary, Toronto-based label, Paper Bag Records, released a anniversary compilation of various artists covering Madonna’s 1986 classic True Blue. Some standouts include include Young Galaxy’s faithful cover of “Open Your Heart,” … read more »

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Fair Play: David LaChapelle Loves Rihanna But Still Wants A Check From Her

This morning we read in the New York Times that David LaChapelle loves Rihanna but he’s gonna need her to cut a check for the flagrant jacking of his work she pulled in her video … read more »

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Gentlemen Prefer: The Style of Tony Ward

Much has been written about Madonna’s style transformations, the aesthetic stealing and borrowing from subcultures, and the constant discarding of looks like they were old kleenex. But there’s another story behind her perpetual rebirths, and … read more »

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Q&A: Iconic Designer Maripol on New Wave New York and Her Reissues with Marc Jacobs

Though 1980s downtown New York produced some of the world’s most celebrated artists and aesthetes, a lone creative ingénue named Maripol was the scene’s standout style muse. A French expat photographer, stylist, designer, film producer … read more »

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Watch Clips from Tamra Davis’ New Jean-Michel Basquiat Documentary

Before Tamra Davis was directing comedy classics like CB4 and Half Baked, she was hanging around people from the storied downtown New York art scene and taking footage of her friend Jean-Michel Basquiat. After he … read more »

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Re-Issue: Madonna

Photo by Amy Arbus This week, FADER Media’s Style Assistant Alex Frank will comment on the throwback style and fashion of a Suite903 artist. Today’s Re-Issue: Madonna. Saying you like Madonna’s style is jumping into … read more »

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Madonna Collapses On Stage During Bulgaria Gig

Mid-”Holiday” read more »

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Madonna: Crypto-Satanist?

Our parents were right all along. read more »


Madonna Meets Doom

She’s lost it. read more »

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Freeload: Madonna f. Lil Wayne “Revolver”

Remember when Madonna put Vanilla Ice in her extra-controversial sex photography book? Yeah that wasn’t the greatest look. She should have held out for someone like Lil Wayne who was talented and actually had some … read more »

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