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Outside Jay-Z’s Marina Abramović-Inspired “Picasso Baby” Video Shoot

Right now, Jay-Z is filming a “docu-music video” for Magna Carta Holy Grail track “Picasso Baby.” The video will capture a performance partly inspired by artist Marina Abramovic’s 2010 MoMA exhibition Marina Abramović: The Artist … read more »

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Marina Abramović Made Me Cry

A new film examines the potent career of a performance artist. The largest mystery surrounding the 2010 MoMA exhibition Marina Abramović: The Artist Is Present is finally revealed in the HBO documentary of the same … read more »

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Our Favorite Looks from the Met Ball

Every May, Anna Wintour rounds up the biggest celebrities in the world for the annual Met Ball, a gala in honor of New York’s Metropolitan Museum Costume Institute. It’s like the Oscars for fashion, and … read more »

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Marina Abramović Made Me Cry (Unless You are Antony Hegarty)

Right now at New York’s MoMA, Marina Abramović has a piece of art called “The Artist is Present” where you sit across from her at a table and don’t say anything. That’s it. It’s free, … read more »

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James Franco Loves Performance Artist Marina Abramovic, So Do We

We’ve been completely fascinated by James Franco’s recent decision to play a devious and over-the-top character named “Franco” on the pulpy soap General Hospital. Not that we haven’t been longtime fans of his talent, or … read more »

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